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I specialize in capturing the enduring beauty of your special day while infusing it with a contemporary flair. My artistry is dedicated to preserving cherished moments in stunning, enduring images that will stand the test of time. With a focus on classic aesthetics and a modern sensibility,

To achieve this timeless quality, I approach my craft with a steadfast determination to capture images that surpass fleeting trends and outlast passing fads. I believe that true artistry lies in the ability to create visual narratives that withstand the test of time. By focusing on genuine connections, raw emotions, and authentic moments, I seek to freeze instances that are not bound by the constraints of temporary fashion or popular culture.

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Caitlin + Michael

Everyone knows that capturing that perfect shot can be stressful to say the least. Not with Katelyn. She makes the entire experience easy, fun and perfect! She has patience beyond belief and and can make an ordinary picture look like a masterpiece! I wouldn’t recommend having anyone else take your photos. She is a master in her craft!

Working with Katelyn is probably one of the smartest moves you could ever make.

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