Charleston Lane Styled Wedding

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As a photographer, capturing the beauty of a Charleston Lane styled wedding was a rewarding experience. The venue provided a beautiful backdrop that combined timeless elegance with modern simplicity. Here’s a look at the details and moments that made this styled session stand out.

The Details: White & Green Florals, Flat Lays, and More

Charleston Lane’s décor was a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. The white and green floral arrangements added a touch of natural beauty to the space. The combination of white blooms and greenery created a fresh and sophisticated look.

The flat lays were another highlight of the session. They featured the essential elements of a wedding—invitation suites, rings, and other meaningful items—arranged in a way that was both artistic and elegant. These flat lays were a great way to showcase the details of the styled session.

The wedding cake was a simple yet stunning piece, decorated to match the floral arrangements. The chandeliers added a touch of elegance to the reception area, casting a warm glow that was perfect for photos. The floral arch was another standout feature, providing a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony setup.

Bridal Portraits: Capturing Timeless Beauty

For the bridal portraits, the model wore her hair in a low ponytail that was elegantly curled, creating a look that was both classic and modern. Her dress was a long-sleeved, sequined gown that shimmered beautifully in the light. The combination of her hairstyle and dress fit perfectly with the venue’s aesthetic.

I captured her in various poses, from close-up shots highlighting her radiant smile to full-length portraits showcasing her stunning gown. Each image reflected the timeless atmosphere of Charleston Lane, making for a memorable session.

Couple Portraits: Dreamy Moments in an Idyllic Setting

During this styled session, I had the chance to photograph two different couples. The first couple’s portraits were taken during blue hour, with soft light enhancing the romantic feel. They posed naturally, sharing intimate glances and gentle embraces that I captured in a series of candid shots. The floral arch and dock served as a perfect backdrop, adding a touch of natural beauty to their portraits.

The second couple opted for a mix of traditional and creative poses. We used the venue’s elegant interiors, including the beautifully decorated entryway. The bride’s flowing dress and the groom’s classic tuxedo complemented the venue’s timeless decor, resulting in a series of dreamy and sophisticated images.

This Charleston Lane styled wedding was the perfect location choice. From the white and green florals to the bridal portraits, every detail was designed to create a beautiful and cohesive look. The venue’s blend of natural beauty and classic charm made it a pleasure to photograph, offering plenty of opportunities to capture timeless and elegant images. If you’re planning a styled session or a wedding, Charleston Lane is a fantastic choice for a setting that combines simplicity with sophistication.


Host & Planner

  • Name: Alyncia Dennis
  • Business Name: Styled Shoots of Houston
  • Email: st*******************@gm***.com
  • Facebook Tag: @styledshootsofhouston
  • Instagram Tag: @styledshootsofhouston

Design + Style

  • Name: Maria Barrale
  • Business Name: Barr Event Co.
  • Email: he***@ba*********.com
  • Facebook Tag: @barreventco
  • Instagram Tag: @barreventco


  • Name: Monique Grimes
  • Business Name: A Wise Event
  • Email: in**@bo************.com
  • Facebook Tag: @awiseevent
  • Instagram Tag: @awiseevent
  • Name: Kim Dubois
  • Business Name: Good as Gold Weddings
  • Email: he***@go****************.com
  • Facebook Tag: @goodasgoldweddings
  • Instagram Tag: @goodasgoldweddings


  • Name: Sabrina Devine
  • Business Name: Charleston Lane
  • Email: sa*****@ch**************.com
  • Facebook Tag: @charlestonlanetx
  • Instagram Tag: @charlestonlanetx


  • Name: Amanda Bowman
  • Business Name: Amanda Bee Floral
  • Email: ho***@am*************.com
  • Facebook Tag: @amandabeefloral
  • Instagram Tag: @amandabeefloral

Table Top Decor/White Chairs

  • Business Name: Whats the Occasion
  • Email: he***@wt*******.com
  • Facebook Tag: @whats_the_occasion
  • Instagram Tag: @whats_the_occasion

Black Chairs

  • Name: Linda Ramos
  • Business Name: LJ Events and Rentals
  • Email: lj****************@ya***.com
  • Facebook Tag: @ljevents_and_rentals
  • Instagram Tag: @ljevents_and_rentals

HAMU for the Solo Bride (Melanie) and Leslie

  • Name: Lilliam Ayala
  • Business Name: Lilly Bridal Artistry
  • Email: in*****@li*****************.com
  • Facebook Tag: Lilly Bridal Artistry
  • Instagram Tag: @lilly_artistry


  • Name: DJ Pryor
  • Business Name: Wanderlust Bridal Boutique
  • Email: he***@wa**********************.com
  • Facebook Tag: @wanderlustbridal
  • Instagram Tag: @wanderlustbridal

Aisle Runner, Staging, Mobile Bars

  • Name: Mike
  • Business Name: Elevated AV
  • Email: in**@el******************.com
  • Facebook Tag: @elevatedavproduction
  • Instagram Tag: @elevatedavproduction


  • Name: Ronal Meza
  • Business Name: Bar Chefs Houston
  • Email: ro*******@ba*************.com
  • Facebook Tag: @barchefshouston
  • Instagram Tag: @barchefshouston

Drink Toppers & Specialty Napkins

  • Name: Stefania Muccin
  • Business Name: Scriptivity
  • Email: st******@sc***************.com
  • Facebook Tag: @scriptivity_
  • Instagram Tag: @scriptivity_


  • Name: Sania Ahmed-Irfan
  • Business Name: House of Hough
  • Email: sa***@ho**********.com
  • Facebook Tag: @houseofhough
  • Instagram Tag: @houseofhough


  • Name: Lance
  • Business Name: Caviar and Banana
  • Email: in**@ca*************.com
  • Facebook Tag: @caviarbanana
  • Instagram Tag: @caviarbanana

Seating Chart, Signage, Calligraphy

  • Name: Leanne Belcher
  • Business Name: LeLe Lines
  • Email: le***********@gm***.com
  • Facebook Tag: @le_le_lines
  • Instagram Tag: @le_le_lines

Stationery/Invitation Suite

  • Name: Kristen Coburn
  • Business Name: Kristen and Creative
  • Email: kr*****@kr*****************.com
  • Facebook Tag: @kristenandcreative
  • Instagram Tag: @kristenandcreative


  • Name: Erika
  • Business Name: Marblelous Cakes
  • Email: in**@ma*************.com
  • Facebook Tag: @marblelouscakes
  • Instagram Tag: @marblelouscakes

Ice Cream and Warm Cookie Cart

  • Names: Scott and Amy Newton
  • Business Name: Cypress Photo Camper
  • Email: cy****************@gm***.com
  • Facebook Tag: @cypressphotocamper
  • Instagram Tag: @cypressphotocamper


  • Name: Jason Cage
  • Business Name: Fotably
  • Email: in**@fo*****.com
  • Facebook Tag: @fotably
  • Instagram Tag: @fotably


  • Name: DJ English Chris
  • Business Name: EC Entertainment
  • Email: in**@ec****.com
  • Facebook Tag: @djamericanrob
  • Instagram Tag: @djenglishchris


  • Name: Dennis Mosley
  • Role: Couple 1 Groom
  • Facebook Tag: Dennis Breon
  • Instagram Tag: @thatdude.iam
  • Name: Nakeisha Mosley
  • Role: Couple 1 Bride
  • Facebook Tag: Nakeisha Mosley
  • Instagram Tag: @dovez_love
  • Name: Clark Foreman
  • Role: Couple 2 Groom
  • Facebook Tag: @lifewiththeforemans
  • Instagram Tag: @lifewiththeforemans
  • Name: Leslie Foreman
  • Role: Couple 2 Bride
  • Facebook Tag: @lifewithlesliemarie
  • Instagram Tag: @lifewithlesliemarie
  • Name: Melanie Whipple
  • Role: Solo Bridal Portrait Model
  • Facebook Tag: @melwhip_
  • Instagram Tag: @m2mweddings_events

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Kind Words

“Everyone knows that capturing that perfect shot can be stressful to say the least. Not with Katelyn. She makes the entire experience easy, fun and perfect! She has patience beyond belief and and can make an ordinary picture look like a masterpiece! I wouldn’t recommend having anyone else take your photos. She is a master in her craft!”


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